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The help you need, at no charge for birth parents.

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The Help You Need at No Charge

Birth parent services are free of charge. I will help you every step of the way.

We will discuss all available options, including:

  • Medical Care
  • Financial Support
  • Transportation Costs
  • Housing Arrangements
  • Counseling/Emotional Guidance
  • Other Pregnancy Resources

I will explain how to develop an adoption plan and assist you through the full process.  

The adopting family covers the birth parents' legal fees. 

I provide information to help locate an adoptive family.

I represent you through the adoption process regardless of where your adoptive family lives.

I help ensure your rights are protected. 


Protecting Birth Parent Rights

If you are an expectant parent wanting to make an adoption plan for your child, I can help. 

I represent birth mothers and fathers wishing to place their child without the assistance of an agency. 

Many expectant parents choose a private adoption in order to have control of their adoption plan and to consider families across the country.

I offer free phone consultations to birth families prior to matching and in person meetings once matched.

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I'm available. 


Call, text or email me anytime. 

785-217-4603 (tel, text)

Email: lisa.williams@wmsfamilylaw.com

I work with clients all over the United States. We can schedule a consultation via Skype or telephone for our initial meeting. There is no cost to you for this first meeting. If you decide to move forward with my services, we will discuss in-person visits in your city if that becomes necessary.



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We know that this is a stressful time and one thing you do not have to worry about is us sharing your information with anyone. We take your privacy very seriously.

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