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Every adoption is unique.  Your family deserves a dedicated adoption attorney you can trust.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Adoption Questions

Do we really need an adoption attorney?  

Yes, working with an expert in adoption law ensures that your adoption proceeds smoothly. In choosing the attorney that is right for your family, consider an attorney who provides an easily understood explanation of adoption methods and helps you develop a legally secure plan.

Can we remain in contact with the birth parent(s) following the adoption?

Yes. You may remain in contact at your comfort level with a post-placement agreement. It is important to have an attorney to clarify the options for post-placement arrangements with birth parent(s) and draft or review an agreement that ensures best interests are served.

Do you have to live in Kansas in order to adopt a child born in Kansas?

No. The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) is a compact among all fifty states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands that creates uniform legal and administrative procedures for adoption that cross state lines. You need an attorney who understands the ICPC and can facilitate an interstate adoption.  

Should we seek the services of an adoption attorney even if we are adopting through an agency?  

Yes. The agency's attorney works for them, and may not be looking out for the best interests of your family. You should have your own attorney to review and negotiate contracts, ensuring your interests are served.

Is there a possibility that the adoption might fail after investing considerable time and money?  

Yes. All adoptions involve some risks. You need an attorney who is prepared to walk away if a situation seems risky before large amounts of money and time are invested.

When you have made the decision to adopt, and are ready to add your name to our waiting families list, please fill out the information form below. Be aware that adding your name to our waiting list requires a payment of $1,000. This cost is nonrefundable and is not based upon your being matched. Please return the completed form and payment to my office or contact me directly for more information: 785-217-4603 .