Foster Care Adoptions

Foster care adoptions come through a public agency, such as the Department for Children and Families (DCF) through the Child Welfare Case Management Providers, a private contractor responsible for finding homes for children who do not have another adoption resource available. Once a child has been removed from his or her home, DCF will place the child into a foster home. If the situation is not resolved and the child is not returned to his or her family, DCF will begin court proceedings to terminate the parents' rights. If DCF obtains guardianship, the child will frequently be placed for adoption with the foster parents who have cared for her. The child may also be adopted by a relative such as a grandmother or aunt. Kansas Children Service League (KCSL) is the adoption exchange provider and gathers the information to list children and families on the adoption exchange website. The adoption thereafter proceeds by filing the Petition for Adoption and navigating the court system until the adoption is finalized, similar to the private agency adoption.

The adoption of children who have been placed in foster care is conducted as an agency adoption. In those cases, the county department of social services acts in its capacity as a public child placing agency and works to terminate the parental rights of the biologic parents. The agency may then place the child for adoption with an existing foster family or another family selected to adopt the child.

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